Project Descriptions


Emma Spertus: Infrastructure Stack – Emma Spertus will bring 4-5 sculptural display armatures to the Lake Merritt BART Plaza. She will also set up a clay station, where participants will create individual or collective clay elements to be added to the existing armature. At the end of the day, the Infrastructure Stack will be fully materialized. 11am – 5pm

Johnna Arnold 510-333-3400

Johnna Arnold:  Imagination is Everything – collaborative portraiture. Participants listen to a guided meditation in which they imagine their own ideal place. We then begin to create an image of them in their imagined place, in this way pointing at the thin separation between our perceptions and our everyday lives.  11am – 5pm


Sergio De La Torre + Chris Treggiari: Sanctuary Print Shop – Print your own poster at a workshop with founders Sergio De La Torre and Chris Treggiari, who aim to raise awareness about the concept of being a “sanctuary city” as well as disseminate information on the recently enacted immigration policies and how they impact our community.  11am – 5pm


Miriam Dym, as her alter ego Ymy Sfumato, will perform relational diagrams in response to visitors’ stories, or simply by way of exploring relationship ideas Ymy currently holds. Ymy will create the relational diagrams with colored inks on an oversized pad. When each page is filled,  Ymy will clip the finished work to her booth and begin a new page. 11am – 5pm




Paulette Nichols: Oakland Plein Air – of and at the Lake Merritt Bart Plaza.

Paulette Nichols will share her Plein Air tips and tricks while creating her own paintings of the Plaza. Participants will be encouraged to join in on the Oakland Plein Air with supplied watercolor paper and paints from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.




Anne Seeman: BART Plaza Botanical Drawing

Anne Seeman leads a drop-in workshop that will focus on capturing the details of plants that grow nearby, using pencil and/or pens. She will also demonstrate botanical and architectural rubbing techniques. 11am – 5pm




Steven Garen: Re-sounding – Steven Garen will present audience activated sculpture-instruments made from everyday construction materials that will create a visual and aural habitat of form and sound.  11am – 5pm





Maggie Silverman: Dancing with the Environment

Maggie Silverman will lead participants in a open movement workshop that will use the space to inspire and inform movements. The workshop will observe the urban sounds and respond to the sensations one feels from the landscape itself. To see, feel, listen and move. To see each other and those around us. To dance in community with community. 1-2:30pm


Kico Le Strange :Kico’s Dance Sesh

Kico is hosting/leading a dance sesh at the plaza. Participants are welcome to join in at any moment of time. Be inspired by latin, hip-hop and bad pop music, with eccentric dancers to boot. There will be fabulous accessories available, which Kico crafted, to wear while dancing such as arm bands, necklaces, vests, etc. This sesh is a fun way to engage with others in a playful manner of dress up and movement. No one will be denied the right to express and dance. 2:30-5pm



Emily Gui will invite visitors to explore architecture through cyanotype. Until the mid-1900s, this photographic process was used primarily as a means for reproducing architectural drawings, giving these plans the name “blue-print”. Visitors will use cyanotype to record and explore the space and moment through sunlight and time.  11am, noon, 1pm.